Velvet Gents.

This ones for gentlemen rebels apparently, yet I’m extremely excited by this new label exclusive to EJ Menswear in the North-West of Ireland. Keep your eyes peeled for hot brand, Dirty Velvet.


These quirky T-shirts are massively refreshing to see. Personally, I would be more drawn to a guy with an interesting T-shirt than a stripey shirt, which has long been your average Irishman’s go-to attire for a night on the town. And don’t get me started on jumpers emblazoned with brand names I wish not to mention.


Dirty Velvet T-shirts are produced using organic cotton, with minimal impact to the environment. This range screams BANKSY in my eyes. The satirical parallels are uncanny. See for yourself:


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Gentlemen, take heed. Wear a T-shirt. Give that stripey shirt an auld rest.


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