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Introducing: ‘La Vie en Mode’ ~ my brand new column for Sligo Now magazine. Last summer, my style blog ‘modaFix’ featured in the June issue and now I’m thrilled to be part of the magazine’s dream team. By day, I am a linguist, hence the romance language references, and by night, I write about and explore fashion.


About modaFix

ModaFix is brought to you from Ireland’s west coast. It’s your local source of style inspiration and innovative styling ideas, all the while showcasing local, Irish designers and influences. It’s a celebration of both style and lifestyle. ‘Moda’ is the Spanish term for ‘fashion’ and for any addicts, this is where you will source your daily ‘fix’.


I grew up in Sligo, immersed in a community of talented designers, makers and fellow creatives on the Northwest coast of Ireland. Anyone who reads my online blog or follows my social media channels knows that my brand ‘modaFix’ was born from my appreciation of said community, regularly supporting and promoting local designers and jewellery/accessory makers. This has expanded to retail and commercial outlets. I now work alongside local, independent stores such as Ruby Lane, The Vintage Loft, and Rachel Murray Eyecare.





ModaFix has further evolved from solely fashion blogging to reviewing beauty and skincare products for local, national and international brands and entities such as Kinvara, Mememe Cosmetics (available locally at Nicholson’s Pharmacy) and Georgia Jane skincare to name but a few. Currently, I am reviewing Invisalign braces for David McConville Orthodontics with a series of video blogs. Watch my first vlog here.



Moreover, ‘modaFix’ is an outlet for my creative impulses and interest in all things style related. From time to time, I get creative urges and outbursts and feel the need to create or upcycle something. Upcycling is something I have been doing for several years ~ recreating garments and jewellery. Aged 19, I had a jewellery stall at Spitalfields Upmarket in London and used to make and sell my own jewellery while at school and university. Check out some of my DIY garments, including distressed Levi’s, upcycled T-shirt, clashing print dress and headpiece I made.



photoPersonal style

I would describe my personal style as original, playful and ever-evolving. I love to experiment with looks and the fun thing about fashion is that you can reinvent yourself daily and it’s accessible to everyone. Although I enjoy dressing up, I really love casual, disheveled, effortless looks. Inspiration comes from the sea and local surf culture around County Sligo. I don’t like anything too preened or ‘perfect’ looking. It’s those perfect imperfections and rough edges that I find most appealing.


The people around me locally and on my travels are a constant, daily source of style inspiration. Due to a keen interest in Hispanic culture and language learning, I have travelled extensively and my third level education gave me the opportunity to live in beautiful cities including: Seville, Bath, Dublin and Edinburgh, with regular trips to London. Street spotting has greatly influenced my personal style over the years. I love style hunting, style spotting and style snapping on my travels and sharing these experiences with my like-minded readers.



Education is very important to me and my family. My background is in Business, language translating, interpreting and teaching. Education creates opportunity and like I mentioned in my article last year, investment in education never depreciates. Having said that, passion, creativity and intuition sometimes overrule intellect. When you have a passion, it eats you up inside, it just doesn’t go away, until eventually you have to do something about it.


My Facebook page started as a hobby last year, I set it up in response to this passion, as a means of expressing myself. I took a risk. I now really enjoy what I do and I’m hopeful in pursuing this avenue. It takes time to find an ideal career path, it takes some longer than others and personally, I’ve always taken the scenic route! I get spouts of self-doubt, as I am effectively my own brand. But I’m learning to just go with it as people are generally surprisingly nice, positive about modaFix and forthcoming. Modafix is becoming a credible brand.


The rise of blogging

Blogging is about writing about your passion. It’s about sharing an interest and developing a community around that. I’m lucky in that my work with modaFix now helps to generate a local buzz about young businesses, new products and offerings. As a blogger, I’m definitely aware that I’m in a position of influence. – the concept is simple: the people on the street are walking advertisements for products and style, I’ve always maintained this. For example, you see someone with a 99 or a can of Coke and then you want one. We no longer look to models or celebrities. We trust people that we can relate to.

I like to think I’m approachable and a face that my readership and demographic can trust. Business people see the value in fashion and lifestyle bloggers as we reach a young demographic that other media no longer can or struggle to reach. I’ve always thought that people on the street are walking advertisements for products and style. Daily, we discuss among friends where we got a particular garment or piece of jewellery or where we went for lunch. We share experiences. This is what I do, but now to a wider audience. The response has been overwhelmingly positive.


A very special thanks to Starling Digital Media Direction for their invaluable help and direction setting up my brand, teaching me how to manage a Facebook page and building my website

La Vie en Mode

So, what to expect from my column? Well, my interests are vast and varied. Expect image heavy content, fashion trends, style ideas, looks for less, DIY, and a slice of the life that I love.  I will continue to promote my favourite local designers and emerging young entrepreneurs of Sligo and of our generation. Celebrate each day in style and stay tuned to get your moda fix.

If you like my sense of style, check out my online wardrobe on depop where I sell some preloved garments. Username: @modafix.

If you’d like to feature  your designs or business featured in my column or blog, or if you have any upcoming promotions that you need my help with, contact me on or find me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

l’ll also be looking for local models to style, so send a mail my way if you’re interested.


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