Results | Christmas Giveaway

In this video I announce the winners of the modaFix Christmas giveaway.

1. Issonni Perfect Hair gift card and gift set.

A big thank you to Emilia from Issonni for getting in touch and making this giveaway possible. I hope the winner enjoys this prize, which is ideal if you want to get hair extensions.

2. A hand picked selection of three designer dresses.

A very kind modaFix reader got in touch last month and sent me thirteen dresses in perfect condition. A big box arrived from London full to the brim with designer (new with tags), high-street and vintage. I am still overwhelmed by her generosity and grateful that she made this giveaway possible. She also sent me an encouraging letter that made my day, reassuring me that my fashion blog is worthwhile!

Thanks to everyone who entered and congrats to the winners. Wear well and enjoy!


T xo


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