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DIY collar | modaFIx

Wednesday, 25th February marked the final night of my refashion course at Hullabaloo. The studio was filled with creative energy between crocheting and crafting. We set out, once again, to repurpose something old to create something new.

DIY collar | modaFIx

We cut felt into collars and crescent-shaped bibs and used buttons, gems and old, preloved jewellery to embellish. We sewed on the buttons and used glue guns for the gems. Finally, some attached chain to create statement necklaces. This is Maria’s creation.

DIY collar | modaFix

Georgina cleverly repurposed a 1920’s style flapper headpiece to accessorise her neckpiece.

feather | modaFix

As usual, everyone came up with something different. Many of the pieces upcycled were from broken, oversized statement earrings. I think the detailing at each point is very effective. Anna Christine is sewing this embellished collar to the neckline of an old dress, so chain is not necessary.

DIY collar | modaFix

DIY chain | modaFix

You can add chain, but Lorraine opted for a ribbon, which gives a playful, girly feel to the piece. This is one beautiful bib – perfect for spring! Some of these ladies are total perfectionists, put the head down… and mission accomplished. I think this is stunning.

DIY collar | modaFix

So that’s a rap! I’m grateful for yet another opportunity to get creative and encourage others to reimagine, repurpose, reuse and refashion garments and jewellery to create their own. I enjoy meeting new people at my courses and I feel I got on very well with these ladies. I’m hoping I’ll catch up with them soon again!

Thanks for reading.

Reimagine your fashion!


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