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We’ve started Mother’s Day celebrations early! On a break from work yesterday, my mum and I met up for some Afternoon Tea at O’Brien’s. This café, Sligo’s latest addition, is independently owned and run by Sligo native Jo Conway and her husband, Mark. It’s located at Wine Street Car Park.

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Have a look at the menu. All that for a very affordable €20! This is a Mother’s Day gift that would suit every budget and personally I think that time spent together is a gift without a price tag. It’s all about the experience together. Yesterday was a particularly priceless experience. We laughed out loud when she told me about my brothers’ most recent escapades. Mother of six, she always says; ‘I could write a book… and it would be a best seller!’ I think she’d dedicate a chapter to each of us and reveal all the mishaps, joys and you must be joking moments over the past 35 years of child rearing.

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We started at the bottom tier and worked our way up. The lemon and herb chicken wrap was the winner for me; I couldn’t get enough. Mum enjoyed the cheddar and Ballymaloe relish.

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Scones were served warm (to my delight) and are homemade on the premises every day. In-house baker, Mary Murphy (formerly of The Waterfront, Rossespoint…. do you remember those brownies and that bread?) comes up with a special each morning. The scone of the day was banana and walnut. I’d never had a banana scone before, but I’ll certainly be going back for that one! Coffee and a scone costs €3.50.

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There is a selection of teas on the menu, but if you’d prefer a coffee or any hot drink, the staff are happy to accommodate this. It did strike me that the staff really wanted us to enjoy our experience with them: pleasant smiles and gestures. We couldn’t eat everything so Jo asked us if we wanted a container to take some cake home.

Even the water is something worth writing about. Mint leaves in water work!

Shall I tell you a funny story? Mum told me she got a call on Sunday: “Mum, I’m in the bathroom!”  She was in the kitchen downstairs, while one of the lads had managed to lock himself in, in the bathroom upstairs… after a shower! Mum had to get the neighbour’s ladder to rescue him. Luckily, he had some shorts. This was all before rushing out the door to Mass on Sunday morning! She’s been called Superwoman in the past – by my brothers’ friends, but we now call her ‘No problem Colette’ as there’s never a problem too big or small – she will find a solution.

Later, Dad climbed up the ladder to get the key… and managed to open the door no problem. Just another day in the life. We couldn’t stop laughing.


This was one very enjoyable and decadent afternoon, that I’m glad to have shared with my mum. Pop into O’Brien’s Café to pick up a voucher and book a place for Mother’s Day. You will thoroughly enjoy this experience. Other options that caught my eye were their salads and Rachel Allen’s signature wraps that change according to what’s in season. We’ll be back to O’Brien’s!


Wishing Jo every success on her venture and a sincere thank you for this beautiful day and memory.


Happy Mother’s Day to all the Supermoms out there! I hope your day is filled with laughter!

Find O’Brien’s Café on Facebook or call 0719150550 to book Afternoon Tea.



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