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It couldn’t have come at a better time for me. After the busiest week at work in a long, long time, including late nights and hosting my very first styling event, I was well and truly exhausted. My light at the end of the tunnel was Ciúnas Spa. Friday afternoon couldn’t come any quicker.

What I like about retreating to Cromleach Lodge is that you really feel like you’re escaping. I love that there’s no coverage in the spa, so you can really switch off – uncontactable for hours. This is a rarity nowadays. The surroundings are breathtaking. Here’s an image from a wedding we attended last summer. What a day! What a stunning venue overlooking Lough Arrow.

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Upon arrival you’ll be greeted by Spa manager, Celine McCarrick. She is soft spoken, warm and welcoming and with her around you will surely enjoy your time in the spa. You won’t want to leave. As you can see in this image, VOYA products are used at Ciúnas Spa.

Cromleach Lodge | modaFix

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The package I got to enjoy was a mini treatment of my choice, full use of the thermal suite (sauna, steam room and outdoor hot tub) as well as a light lunch, organic herbal tea and homemade biscuits. I chose a back massage as I felt I was in dire need of it. The treatment was a nice mix of soft touch and deep tissue massage and my therapist had lots of knots to work on! I didn’t want my treatment to end. If I’m being totally honest, it wasn’t the best massage I’ve ever had, but this is purely because it was too short. I’m certainly going to go back for a full body massage or two mini treatments. I like the sound of their Wisdom of Water package. It’s worth spending that bit extra for the therapist’s time.


Following my treatment, Celine brought me to the relaxation suite, which I had to myself. I sank into my seat, put my feet up and closed my eyes. Next came some herbal tea and shortbread biscuits. Those biscuits were worth breaking Lent for! A couple of years ago a group of us ladies from Strandhill went for lunch and treatments at Cromleach Lodge and Moira’s biscuits were something that struck me as being really great… and I’m not even a massive shortbread fan. So, make sure you try them!


The suite overlooks our beautiful green fields and Lough Arrow. I felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude and it was one of those moments I thought to myself: ‘What did I do to deserve this?’ It was just what I needed after a manic week of multitasking.


I was so relaxed that I didn’t even hear Celine arrive with my lunch and I jumped! ‘The name of the spa “Ciúnas” is so very apt’ I thought to myself… everyone treads so quietly, there’s not a stir. It’s so peaceful and ciúin – you’re not going to be disturbed.

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Feet up, unbeatable view and a tasty toasty and salad at Moira’s. There were more adventurous choices, but this was my mood food du jour. I sat for awhile to take in my surroundings and browsed through some quality magazines.


It was time for more relaxation, so I retreated to the sauna and steam room. Usually I prefer the sauna to the steam room, but I spent most of my time in the steam room at Cromleach Lodge. It’s the little details I appreciate: like the hooks being numbered! All too often you go to spas and pools, hang your robe, forget which one is yours and God knows whose you pick up!


imageAfter several hours, I felt it was time I hit the road. I could have spent another hour there. If you’ve been working too hard and feeling a bit stressed out, I’d recommend a visit to Ciúnas Spa at Cromleach Lodge. I had an exceptionally pleasant experience and I’m certain you will too. A special thanks to Amy, Celene and her team for a Friday afternoon well spent. I’m looking forward to going back and bringing my mum along next time.

For a full list of treatments, click here and here. See what tickles your fancy!

Take a virtual tour of the spa here.

Call 0719165155 to book your treatment.


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