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There’s a first for everything and if you’ve been reading my blogs for a while now, you know I thrive on a new challenge. When I was contacted last month asking if I offered the service of decorating a home for a celebration, I said: ‘I’ll do it!’ It’s good to be challenged… you always learn something in the process.

Little did I know the CELEBration was such a special one.

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As it transpired, it was a surprise baby shower for Jodi Albert!

I had met Jodi very briefly a few summers ago at a beach party. I didn’t know too much about her only that her husband Kian Egan of Westlife dotes on her. That was clear to anyone who watched him on ‘I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.’ Do you remember that scene when he got the surprise visit?

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My brief was: pastel shades: baby blues and pinks, vintage effect and sentimental. I wanted to go all out! I put a lot of time in as I really wanted to make it very special for her. I hate to disappoint or let anyone down. Shells Café did the catering and Sarah from Shells made all the cakes.

I put together a DIY baby book filled with sentimental quotes and messages with room for photos. Here’s a look at some of the book’s contents. I wanted it concise and light enough that she could bring it along on travels to be reminded of her special friendships and to add content, making memories along the way.

I included a decorative envelope to keep a lock of hair from baby’s first haircut. I still have a baby book my mum kept for me and growing up I used to love reading through it… she even kept a lock of my hair. Then my little brothers got their hands on it and scribbled all over all the gorgeous photos and of course that lock of hair is now history. I was very upset!

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I made props for a pop up photo booth with captions, speech bubbles, regular bubbles, dummies and balloons and left a Polaroid camera and film so they could to document the day and capture moments for Jodi. She got such a surprise and was very grateful to her friends and Kian for organising and I was happy to see she posted this image to Instagram, looking as glamorous as ever and having fun with the props!

baby shower | modaFixPolaroid | modaFixJodi | modaFix

For each of the guests, I made refashioned accessories. I made chains from cotton T-shirts to tie in with their stunning beach home vibe, hair bows and earrings. I also made a special gift for Jodi herself- an embellished statement bib.

DIY | modaFixDIY | modaFixDIY | modaFix

I spent hours on this project making and doing. As you can imagine creating over twenty pieces by hand was very time consuming… but I loved it! I wrapped each piece individually and popped the gifts in colourful polka dot bags.

Top tip: Tiger is a great shop for picking up pretty and affordable knick knacks.

gift | modaFixDIY bow | modaFixDIY | modaFixWhat’s exciting about my blog modaFix is the opportunities that present themselves as a result. I never know what’s coming next! It makes me happy when I’m given a chance to express my creative side and this project certainly allowed me to exercise this. I hadn’t lifted a paint brush for years (I used to do art classes for years outside school), but I used old make up brushes and stamps to put this piece together. quote | modaFix

It was a honour to be part of this celebration and to be invited into their home. It’s as beautiful as you can imagine with the most breathtaking beach view. Being recognised for my creative refashioning efforts and asked to do this project was a real vote of confidence for me and my blogging. Here’s to many more exciting projects and celebrations in the future!

Wishing Jodi and Kian all the very best this month and a lifetime of happiness.


Thanks for reading,



T xo

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