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Vogue | modaFix

Vogue | modaFix

Little things thrill me. Trivially enough, I’ve always fancied having nice stationery. Even at school and university, I always found it easier to study and do work when my notebooks were colourful and well kept. I used to be a total perfectionist. Everything was neat and tidy; in my room clothes would be perfectly folded and any souvenirs or knick knacks at precise angles.

God knows what happened! I think I just gave up. I’m like a completely different person now.

My life is a beautiful mess.

Vogue | modaFix

I picked up this collection of iconic Vogue magazine covers in TKmaxx. I’ve started posting a postcard alongside my Depop sales. In the box are 100 images. Vogue is the most influential magazine in fashion and since its launch in 1892, it has brought sophistication to its readers around the world. Earlier illustrations depict ethereal figures of fantasy to red-lipped flappers.

Vogue | modaFix

As colour photographs began to appear we see the women transformed again. Vogue covers are supposed to be the epitome of style and beauty and they celebrate female icons across modern culture. Seeing recent covers, I’m thinking ‘How times have changed!’ Personally, Kim Kardashian would not be an icon nor the epitome of anything I’d ever strive to be.

Vintage | modaFix

I also picked up this notebook there for a friend. She loves old photography and cinematic works. I’m certain she had a poster of this on her wall in college as I thought of her straight away when I saw it. She’s embarking on a new adventure travel blogging and this is the perfect time to give her the journal so she can record her thoughts.

Vogue | modaFix

She’s jet-setting on the 15th of June and here’s what the cover of Vogue looked like on the same date in 1915. I’ve included some washi tape for her to stick in souvenirs as well as some plasters, just incase she needs them along the way. I can think of a few other bits and bobs I could include!

travel | modaFix

For special occasions, I buy nice cards in Tír na n-Óg card shop in Sligo. Kate’s Kitchen and Shells Café also have a fun and quirky collection. If you’re buying in bulk (I think it’s always handy to have a card or two at hand) pop into Tiger for a colourful, unique and affordable range. Here’s some I’ve been adding to my collection. I’m hoping they’ll encourage me to put pen to paper more often and drop a line to friends far and near.

colour | modaFix

This is probably the most trivial post to date, but I’m a sucker for this kind of thing!



T xo


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