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DIY | modaFix

This is a one-step, fool-proof refashion task that anyone can achieve.

Here’s how I transformed a fringe bolero into a neat summer blouse.

DIY | modaFix

Seeing the sun shining this morning made me want to wear something light and casual. I threw on a pair of jeans, a vest top and open-toe heels. I realised I didn’t have any light, summer cardigans – only winter jumpers and heavy cardigans. I remembered I had this light bolero with fringing, but I’d destroyed the fringe detail in the wash. It turned out all scraggily and tangled and it wasn’t something I could sell on Depop, given its condition. I only sell mildly worn garments.

fashion | modafix

I really liked the sheer top half and didn’t want to just bin it. I decided to snip off the fringing and see how it turned out. I must say I absolutely love the result. I buttoned it up and wore it as a blouse at the beach today. It’s a much neater and more chic look than its original form. There’s a lot of fringing in the shops this weather and this trend doesn’t appeal to everyone.

Strandhill | modaFix


Top tip: Reimagine your garments! Try something new with your clothing and allow them to breathe new life.


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Happy refashioning!

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