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Turning 30 calls for a celebration. I knew I wanted to mark the occasion but I wasn’t sure how to go about it. I knew I didn’t want a big big party nor did I want to organise one! I just wanted to be with close friends. I had thought about a road trip with the girls but had been so busy the past month that birthday plans were back-burned and before I knew it the big day arrived. Julian took me on a Wild Atlantic road trip, which was perfect – just the two of us and he informed me that himself and mum were organising a party for me on July 4th. I think they knew I wouldn’t have been able to handle a surprise… I’d have probably collapsed.

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Mum and Dad had been getting the garden ready for the past week and picked up a marquee in Homestore & More reduced from €140 to €69. I think you’ll agree that the garden looks amazing. We kept decorations very simple, but I felt they looked very effective with all the vibrant colours. The bunting cost €1 in Tiger and we picked up candles there too for the lanterns on the trees and recycled wine bottles as candlestick holders. We also recycled yoghurt jars and popped in some tea lights. I love this simple look. We got marble balloons and party poppers in Dealz. You can buy the rice paper lanterns in Tiger here, but they are cheaper at Homestore & More. As regards food, we had a big barbecued meat feast and salads. Chef Sid brought all, set up, cooked up a storm and left with all the plates and cutlery. Hassle free!

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It was en evening spent among our closest friends, family and neighbours – exactly what I wanted and in the comfort of our home. We had a lot to celebrate: Julian’s birthday, all my brothers’ birthdays (all summer babies), my 30th and Conán’s success. It was a real family affair. The weather was fab and I loved the setting. We had no old bins to use to chill the beer so we improvised and filled this wheel barrow with ice.

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 What I wore

Being as last minute as I am, I ordered a couple of dresses online and they’d only just arrived. I went with this powder blue party dress as it was light and comfortable and I knew I’d have room for a food belly in it! It has a nice cut-out detail at the back. You can see more here. I kept accessories to a minimum, wearing vintage clip-on earrings I got at a market in Westport last week. You can buy these nude peep-toe heels here. I find them handy for most evening wear. Martha’s mum picked me some fresh flowers from her garden so I popped one in my hair.

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Karora had sent me some ultra dark bronzing mousse to try out during the week. I decided to give it a go. I was too  lazy to apply the night before, but applied yesterday morning. I was pleased with how it turned out and didn’t find it too dark. Buy here. You can’t ‘see where it goes’ as you apply, but I just hoped for the best. I know I’ve slated regular tanning mitts in the past and recommended ‘Glove your body’ last week (I still stand by this recommendation), but I must say that Karora’s tanning mitt is very good. It’s velvet to touch and honestly, it feels fabulous when you’re applying tan to your body.

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Hair & Make-up

Salon 2 fitted me in for a quick wash and blow dry and I loved the result, as always. Cathy was my stylist yesterday. I never get my makeup done, but I decided to go all out yesterday and got beautified with Aisling Leydon. I don’t usually wear so much eye make-up or false lashes, but I was really pleased with what she did. The makeup she uses is Make Up Studio and the cream foundation is beautiful. With every soft stroke of her brush, I was falling into a deep sleep – I felt that relaxed!

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Mum is a great one for throwing a party. There’s always something to celebrate and we’ve had some brilliant party nights in the house over the years. That little penney-farthing garden clock reads Grand Central Terminal, New York and that’s exactly what our home is like… there’s always a crowd coming and going. Everyone is welcome!


We have wonderful neighbours, of all ages and we love when they call round. Here’s to many, many more parties at home, friendship and good neighbours – old and new.

Thanks for reading: I hope you’ve picked up some DIY decorating tips. Happy party planning!


T xo


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