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Do you believe in silver linings?

Yesterday our flight from Knock was delayed by over an hour. We were informed of this just as we had boarded the aircraft. This meant that it was very likely we were going to miss our connecting flight from London Gatwick to Split (Croatia). Nightmare! We weighed up all the options while we were waiting to takeoff. The plan was: I’d leg it to pick up our luggage, while Julian would find customer service and explain our situation. We had 40 minutes to disembark, get a bus to the terminal, wait for our luggage, grab a shuttle to North Terminal, check in luggage, get through security, find the gate… and board. It wasn’t looking good. We remained hopeful and ran as fast as we could, but there was no way we were going to make it. And we didn’t!


It was the very first time that I’ve missed a flight, ever. We weren’t angry or upset, as we had expected this eventuality and accepted that it was beyond our control. We feared we’d have to pay for a new flight, were prepared to do so, but worried it was going to cost a fortune. As luck would have it, the airline transferred us to the next available flight for a very small fee (compared to what we were expecting to fork out). The flight was at 6am and it was now 6:30pm. We were able to check in all our luggage at 8pm to free ourselves up.

For months, we had been talking about a weekend in London with my brother and sister-in-law. We didn’t fancy waiting in the airport for 12 hours so we called to see if they’d plans for the night and if they fancied some company. They were delighted to have us and I was so excited by this sudden turn of events. London just excites me. Every time. Better still, it was Julian’s first time in London! We travelled to the city and he got a glimpse of London Bridge, Big Ben and London Eye. We went on to Shoreditch and hooked up for a drink to unwind. We took a stroll through the bustling streets and it was back to one of my favourite haunts: Shoreditch House. Last time I visited we met Harry Styles! Read here.

Shoreditch | modaFix

Friday nights at Shoreditch House are very busy. We grabbed a pizza (top notch. Jolly good!) on the rooftop terrace and popped down to the 5th floor for a quiet drink. That place just has it all! I adore the decor. It was such a lovely way to spend a few hours and catch up with family, thanks to this twist of fate. We started to get exceptionally tired and it was almost time to make tracks back to the airport. We had missed our overnight in Split and had to cancel our accommodation, but fortunately the delay didn’t interfere with our travel itinerary.

We got the ferry straight to the island of Hvar. It took almost 23 hours to reach our destination: Hvar, with no sleep. Julian is not a keen traveller and was cursing the journey. I, on the other hand don’t have a problem travelling. I enjoy the adventure and there’s always a story to tell. I don’t mind the slog when you know the beauty and marvel that awaits you. As soon as we arrived in Hvar he realised why I was so eager to revisit this island and said: ‘Ok, it was worth it!’ 

Hvar | modaFixHvar | modaFix

This place is really so beautiful and I can’t recommend it enough. So there you have it: SHIT HAPPENS and sometimes you have to look on the bright side and make the very most of an unexpected situation. Here’s to many more silver linings and twists of fate.


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T xo

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