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It’s always nice to get a bit of recognition for a job well done. A nomination is that pat on the back that you need every once in a while to motivate you to keep going and encourage you to work harder. I’ve just been informed that modaFix has made the long list for Blog Awards Ireland. It’s a very very long list. The category is Best Fashion Blog, so I’m thrilled.


I was nominated for the same last year (Blog Awards Ireland 2014) – much to my surprise. I didn’t really know what I was doing a lot of the time, I was mainly just sharing posts on my Facebook page but wasn’t actually using my blog as much as I am now. I feel a year on that I have more direction – more of an idea of what I’m doing and I’m blogging a lot more regularly. I didn’t make the shortlist. I didn’t deserve it then. I was a finalist for another blog award with Social and Personal Magazine last year. I didn’t win. It would be lovely to win a blog award one day.

I’m not sure if people realise the time that goes into blogging. It’s not just about taking a quick snap and sharing it on Facebook. It takes time to create quality content, upload and edit images and piece everything together. To anyone that actually reads my blogs – thank you!

I’ve had some days where I question what I’m doing: why bother? what’s the point? What do people think of me? I feel so silly getting my photo taken sometimes. You may not believe it, but I seize up and forget to breathe. I wish I was a bit more relaxed and carefree and maybe then I would share even more personal style posts.

My friend asked me the other day if I’ve ever made a list of everyone I’ve worked with on the blog front. I decided to do this. Thanks to the blog I’ve been approached by many businesses and feel very privileged to have worked with the following:

David McConville Orthodontics, Athlone Towncentre, Kildare Village, Rachel Murray Eyecare, The Beacon Hotel, David Clulow, Neven Maguire Cookery School, TG4, Argento, Coco Productions (RTÉ), Life Hair & Beauty, Debenhams, Thérapie Clinic, Salon 2, Kreation Hairdressing, Kate’s Kitchen Sligo, Kinvara, Georgia Jane Skincare, Karora, Salus Beauty Salon, The Radisson Blu, Best Western Hotels, EJs Menswear, Nicholson’s Pharmacy, Beauty by Jennifer, Ruby Lane Sligo, Shells Café, Xposé Magazine, Sligo Now Magazine, Mayo Now Magazine, Sligo Races, Chartered Accountants Ireland… among others.

I think more and more businesses are finally realising how valuable bloggers are for generating business and creating interest. I love to work with local start ups and local designers to help generate a buzz about their offerings.

Pippa O'Connor | modaFix

Earlier this year I was shortlisted for Best Fashion Blog by Irish Beauty Blog Awards. There was 10 bloggers in this category but I was alongside the likes of Pippa O’Connor and Suzanne Jackson. It was an honour to be recognised as my blog is part-time. It’s my hobby, my outlet. For many top bloggers they have a team behind their blog. What’s fair about Blog Awards Ireland is that they are keeping personal and cooperate blogs separate.

modaFix has brought a lot of excitement and challenges. I love getting emails and invites. It’s heartwarming when people ask you to do something that you’d never have seen yourself doing. modaFix has evolved from solely fashion to beauty and lifestyle. The exciting thing is I never know what’s coming next.

Fingers and toes crossed for the shortlist!

Thanks for reading,

T xo

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