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This week I popped into Tiger to stock up on some colourful supplies to decorate my new classroom. I’m eager to start off on the right foot and make my room inviting. I’m a firm believer in the seanfhocal ‘tús maith leath na hoibre’ (a good start is half the battle). I try to organise myself as best I can at the start of the academic year.

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Generally I’m very positive this time of year: the idea of a fresh start. I’ll probably be a wreck again in a few weeks time. Like many of you I love cool stationery. Tiger is a brilliant place for stocking up. It’s a feast for your eyes. Everything is so colourful and affordable… but it’s like when you go to Penneys or Boots… you pop in for one thing and come out having spent €30 or €40. At the moment if you spend €30 or more on back to school / office supplies in store you get a free bag of fizzy sweets. Mine have been devoured.

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It’s great for art and craft supplies too and even has very affordable jewellery making appliances like round nose pliers, cutters and bead holders. I haven’t seen a flat nose pliers there yet though. For washi tape lovers you’ll find lots to choose from, as well as printed plasters, cool napkins and handkerchiefs and even iPad covers.

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See some of my creative work and party decor here and here (many supplies from Tiger).

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Although I already miss many of my students and staff members, I’m looking forward to welcoming my new students into my classroom in a bright and colourful environment. Based on first impressions I can’t fault a single thing. I’m actually so happy and excited to have my own classroom!

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Happy shopping!

T xo


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