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Monday, Monday…

I love this time of year – the evenings are still bright and the weather is possibly better now than it was all summer. Let’s hope it stays dry, sunny and crisp for a little longer.

This weekend, like most weekends, there was a lot to celebrate. On Saturday alone we had both a Christening and a good friend’s 30th birthday party.

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We had been out the night before at the cinema and then went for ‘one drink’ which never really is one drink. We went to see ‘Straight Outta Compton.’ I hadn’t heard anything about the movie and when the lads mentioned NWA I thought it was a movie about wrestling I was going to see! Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised. It was an education in itself as I knew nothing of NWA or Eazy-E, Ice Cube and Dr. Dre. It was really really good.

I went for a wee run around the block late Saturday morning as I knew I’d be out all day eating and having drinks. Then I ran to Kate’s Kitchen and cancelled it all out with their homemade sausage rolls.

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I wanted to wear something that would suit both occasions – appropriate for the church and equally so for a soirée with the girls. I’m in the middle of moving so most of my wardrobe is either in boxes, clear plastic bags or hanging in our new house. We’re staying elsewhere temporarily so I’ve a limited wardrobe space.

This was my back-up dress for judging at the Sligo Races last month. It was a bargain from TKMaxx and so comfortable. I think it’s a great dress for many occasions – shoulders are covered, it’s a good length and you could even make it work appropriate with a blazer or little top underneath.

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I like to pick up dresses when I see them (without a particular event in mind) that I think would be handy to have for again. How often do you go looking for something nice to wear to a wedding or important occasion and find nothing suitable? It’s always a good idea to have a versatile dress in your closet.

The shoes are also from TK Maxx… when I like something, I wear it to death! These shoes are so comfortable and neutral. They go with everything. Look out for the label Franco Sarto.

It was the sunniest day in a long time. I hope you made the most of it too.

Thanks for reading,

T xo


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