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Sligo Design Week is in full swing and what an amazing line up! Tuesday night was really wonderful. After my workshop we got to unwind over at The Swagman where there was live art with Friz and sweet beats by Nooneboy. It was something special. Despite the thoughts of early morning starts looming in our heads, nobody wanted to leave until we caught a glimpse of the final result. It was worth the wait.

What a spectacle!Friz | modaFixNone of these events would be possible without Denise Rushe of Starling. It was Denise who pitched the project and secured funding for Sligo’s very first Design Week. It’s a week long celebration of Sligo’s design community with pop-up events, workshops and talks. It has been such a success and it’s only in its embryonic stages. It’s only going to get bigger and better.

Hats off to Denise! She sure is some woman for one woman. She provides a platform for so many creatives, start-ups and budding talents. Have an idea? @LadyDotty will bring it to life.Sligo Design WeekDenise moved from Dublin into my estate when she was 11 years old. Beth and I hung outside our new neighbours’ house to get a glimpse of the new kids on the block. We heard the sweet sound of the classical flute and rumour had it her dad was a cameraman for RTÉ. We found this intriguing. Her household was the first in our circle to have a PC and she introduced us to a new world of chatrooms (the foundations of social media) as well as the endless possibilities that the internet had to offer. Is it any wonder she is now THE social media guru and digital marketing whizz?imageRecently, I came across a party invitation from Denise. She does love a gathering. It was from our primary school days and she had typed everything – not in standard English, but in cryptic code. She included a glossary of symbols for us to decode the message. ‘Only Denise!’ I thought.

Denise adores Sligo, its beauty and sense of community. She sets others up for success and I’m grateful I was part of her Sligo Design Week.

Refashion | modaFix DIY | modaFix

 Refashion | modaFix earrings | modaFix

Our Refashioning Workshop was a hit. We had a full house at Sweet Beat Café, which was an ideal and beautiful workspace filled with creative vibes and sweet beats (of course). It was my best workshop to date. All materials were supplied and ladies of all ages came to get creative. The feedback was very very positive and up-lifting.

refashion | modaFix jewellery | modaFix millinery | modaFix  DIY | modaFix

17 ladies tried something new: refashioning T-shirts, embellishing necklines, creating hair accessories, jewellery, headdresses… you name it. It was a very positive, pleasant and enjoyable atmosphere. What was lovely to see was mothers and daughters attending the class together and I loved spotting some of your snaps on snapchat too! It’s always nice to meet readers in person and to see new faces. 

bow | modaFIx bow | modaFix image

image image

A special thanks to Denise and Sweet Beat Café for making our Refashioning Workshop possible. I loved it! Here’s to many, many more creative classes. See previous refashioning efforts here and here.

For a full list of events during Sligo Design Week visit here.

For information on upcoming workshops and parties contact

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