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Are you getting into the Christmas spirit? We don’t have our tree just yet… but we’re making and doing and gathering trinkets along the way.

This week at work we’re getting crafty and competitive! I taught my students all the Spanish words associated with Christmas (la Navidad) and now each group has a task: to make a Christmas poster. Of course there always has to be a motivational prize in there for the best artistic and educational creation! Introducing the element of competition is always a great incentive to facilitate learning and productivity. It’s nice to take time out too after the exams and I find craft so therapeutic, as do they. We’re making jewellery too (beaded earrings and bracelets) as Christmas gifts.Christmas tree |modaFixDealz is an incredible shop for cheap craft materials. As you know everything costs €1.49. It’s insane! It’s handy for topping up when you run out. Usually I stock up on supplies from The Crafter’s Basket in Cliffoney when I’m buying in bulk. I always like to support independent stores whenever possible.

Here are some materials you’ll need for making your own Christmas | modaFiximageSuggested materials: felt, glue gun, buttons, needle & thread, pom poms (pictured), fabric scissors (that fab purple one is from Tiger), gemstones, eyes, ribbon, lights (cheap as chips in Dealz). If you want it extra tacky and wacky choose traditional Christmas decorations like tinsel and beads.

This time last year I facilitated a very successful Christmas jumper party night at Shells Café in Strandhill. The creative juices were flowing and it was a great night – the place was packed and everyone left with their very own customised Christmas geansaí. If you’d like some ideas for making your own Christmas jumper this year check out our creations in my blog here.DIY Christmas Jumper | modaFixDIY Christmas Jumper | modaFixI started making Christmas jumpers about 10 years ago in college. I made them for all my brothers, my neighbour and my first Christmas gift to my boyfriend was a DIY jumper! They’re becoming increasingly popular, but it’s always fun and satisfying to make your own.

I think it would be a lovely idea to have all your friends over some night for wine and craft!

Any questions, just ask! Email: or drop me a line on Facebook.

Thanks for reading.

Happy crafting!

T xo

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