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Good Friday!

Apologies if you enjoy my blog and have missed my posts. I’m a little off the radar this weather as I’m just taking time out as I recuperate. I love getting emails from readers and especially when it gives me a chance to help you. A lady contacted me looking for advice. One of her closest friend’s is getting married and obviously, like all of us, she wants to look her very best. She suffers from extreme abdominal bloating and wants something comfortable, yet figure flattering. I’ve picked up lots of tips and tricks over the past 6 weeks for dressing for a change in body shape/swelling, but it’s generally for casual everyday wear… I’d love to share these with you at a later date, but for now let’s get back to the task in question.

She also has a very large bust and said that V-neckline usually works best for her. Other guidelines were: she doesn’t like big tulle skirts or skater styles.

I do love a challenge and I’ve sent her over 20 options.

Below are some of my favourites.

oasis red dress | modaFIx Rouched | modaFix

I always say: if in doubt wear red! You cannot go wrong with red. Some people may disagree, being of the opinion that it’s too loud and draws the eye, but I think there are no rules anymore… plus if there are fashion rules I’d only be breaking them anyway. I think it’s OK to wear black too and some white in your outfit… it’s not as if you’re going to look remotely bridal. This beautiful burnt orange dress is from Oasis. Shop here.

Rouching is so figure flattering and hides all the problem areas!


I’ve mentioned this retro-inspired label before: Stop Staring! I have this red one in the shorter version. I have it for years. It really does last and it’s on of those go-to good old reliable pieces. Again, the rouched detail is unbelievably figure-flattering and allows for an expanding stomach! The olive shade is an interesting alternative. Shop here and here.

Stop Staring | modaFIx 

Illusion dresses are brilliant for creating that slimming effect and the belt detail will cinch the waist. As mentioned, I don’t think it’s a problem wearing some white detail. You’re not going to look like a bride in this one. Shop here.


If you’re a fan of florals, then you may like this one. I’ve chosen it for my reader as wrap around dresses are extremely comfortable and comfort is key if you’re out all day. They accommodate an expanding waistline and allow you to adjust throughout the day… I know I always have to unbutton my jeans after a big meal (well, at least I did before my operation… clearly I didn’t have any room to spare). I think this dress is so elegant! Shop here.image4xxl

If you have a little more money to spend and if you like Self Portrait dresses, I think this one would be so flattering on the bust and camouflage the tummy area.

Shop here.


So I hope that helped some of you. If it’s the tummy area and bloating you want to address, think:

✓ rouching

✓ waist detail

✓ belts

✓ illusion dresses

✓ wrap around dresses

Please feel free to get in touch if you’d like my help! Browsing is a very enjoyable hobby and as always, I’m very happy to help.

Thanks for reading.


T xo

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