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I hope you all had a lovely, relaxing Easter break catching up with family and friends.

Like many of you decluttering on snapchat (@moda_fix) I took a notion one day and did the biggest clear-out yet! I’m getting rid of a third of my wardrobe!

I find I have so many occasion and going-out dresses and I’m sure like many of you, I’ve worn them once… or not at all! I’m always picking up dresses here and there that I tell myself will be ‘handy to have’ just incase something crops up. Often when you’re looking for something special or specific… you can’t find it! The odd time when I’ve a wedding I might order a few dresses to choose from with the intention of picking just one and returning the rest… and then I end up returning none of them. So I have a few perfect pieces for weddings that are brand new with tags. Tell me I’m not the only one. I hate the fact that they’re just hanging there. I’d rather someone be wearing them.

Occasion-wear for sale (worn once).

Coord for my first styling event

1920s | modaFix

Reiss dress (worn once only).

Photo_2016-03-30_01-49-18_AMyellow dress | modaFix

Separates for sale.

Photo by Colin Gillen/framelight.ie

Over the past 7 weeks or so I’ve mainly been wearing casuals and flats and I love comfortable, basic styles. I’m holding onto casuals and workwear and getting rid of most of my gorgeous bright, printed, statement dresses. I usually sell beautiful pieces in perfect condition on Depop (username: @modafix) and I know many of you are familiar with my account… I’ve made some fab loyal customers and friends!

Shearling cape for sale.

shearling | modaFixshearling | modaFix

White mac for sale.

White coat | modaFixDublin | modaFix

Anyway,  as you may have watched in my quick video clip on Facebook, I’ve found the perfect local event to sell my garments at bargain prices. It’s a fundraiser for North West Hospice and Alzheimer’s Day Care Centre (Sligo). There was such an overwhelming response to this event and tables are completely sold out. Fortunately, I managed to get one and all table rental proceeds will be donated to these charities. 

There’s a gang of us selling our beautiful preloved clothing (in perfect condition) and we’d LOVE you to join us and grab yourself a bargain. You’ll be helping out two very worthy charities.

Admission is free.

cape | modaFix

Cape for sale (worn once).

What to expect from my closet clear-out:

✓ Shoes

✓ occasion-wear

✓ going-out dresses

✓ co-ords

✓ blazers

✓ jumpsuits

Jumpsuit | modaFix

✓ vintage

✓ leather skirts

✓ new with tags

✓ accessories

✓ jewellery

✓ sunglasses

✓ brand new stock (currently in stores)

Jumpsuit | modaFix

Culotte jumpsuit for sale.

I will have a €10 rail.

Mention my blog and you will get a discount like Buy 3 for the price of 2! 

For slightly more expensive pieces: Buy 1 get 1 half price… Or I’ll throw in some earrings or accessories. I just want to declutter. I want my pieces to go to someone that will appreciate them. Nothing will be overpriced. You will find so many bargains.

Just get in early!

I can’t wait to meet lots of you and for my preloved pieces to find some new homes.

Printed peplum for sale (matching co-ord skirt available too).


Topshop jeans & genuine suede booties for sale.

fashion | modaFIx

Vintage pieces for sale.

Photo_2016-03-30_01-51-04_AMfashion | modaFix


Leather skirt & blazer for sale.

leather | modaFix

Accessories for sale

sunglasses | modaFixKorcula | modaFix

Basics for sale.


Pictured here is only a teeny tiny fraction of what I’m selling. I’ll snap a few pieces on snapchat.

Snapchat: @moda_fix

Please come along to support these 2 worthy causes: Alzheimer’s Day Care Centre Sligo and North West Hospice Sligo.

There will be something to suit every style, shape and size.

Where: The Glasshouse Hotel, Sligo.

When:  Thursday, 31st March

Time: 5pm-9pm

Thanking you in advance.


T xo

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