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Hey folks!

Today I did my very first pre-teen jewellery making party.

I’d been asked to do jewellery making for a young girl’s birthday party and then a hen party at Tropical Popical in Dublin last month, but unfortunately was unwell. I was delighted when the opportunity arose again to give it a go. I’ve done hen party workshops and refashion workshops in the past, but not specifically jewellery making for kid’s parties.

It was such a fab afternoon with the most mannerly group of pre-teens I’ve come across.jewellery | modaFix

I supply all the materials and parents can put their feet up!

jewellery | modaFix

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At today’s party the girls learned how to make bracelets and on-trend chokers.

What I always love about doing workshops is to see how different everyone’s interpretation is.jewellery | modaFixchoker | modaFix

choker | modaFix


This was the beautiful birthday girl, celebrating her 11th birthday, and we made some pieces to match her outfit.

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jewellery | modaFix

The girls then learned how to make various types of earrings, including my little fairy earrings.

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jewellery | modaFix

Some of the girls even made earrings for their grandmothers and mums!


I also taught the girls about upcycling and refashioning old objects to create something new.


I suppose parents are always looking for something new to occupy kids and especially something different for a birthday party.

This is something a little different.

It’s relaxing and therapeutic and they learn new skills as well as having something personalised to take home from the experience – something they’ve created themselves.

DIY | modaFIx

If you have a child’s birthday party coming up and think this is something that would appeal to them, please get in touch to discuss options.

We can also make hair accessories like hair bands and handmade bows.

I am a qualified teacher and Garda vetted. I have run refashion workshops with Foróige too. See here.

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Email: or message me on Facebook.

I had a blast today and didn’t realise this was actually a service I offered until people began contacting me suggesting it.

Craft is not just for kids!

Follow our workshops on snapchat: @moda_fix

I’d happily do a wine and craft night for adults!

Here’s to many more jewellery making parties!

Thanks for reading,

T xo

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