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Thanks a million for all your kind wishes, positivity and encouragement following my last blog post. As you can imagine, I was thrilled when Xposé asked for my services. They were shooting a piece for the Galway Races at The Latin Quarter and needed an extra pair of hands from someone based in the west. I was so grateful that they thought of me.

Mandy Catwalk | modaFix

I left early morning and it was a fairly full-on day! I was really busy from 9am straight through to 4:30pm. It was great to see what goes on behind the scenes and all the work that is put in. It really isn’t just a case of the models trying on a few dresses and taking a couple of quick snaps. So much effort is put in. Preparation took place at The House Hotel and my first task was to protect the soles of all the shoes being used or potentially being used for the shoot. I taped about 10 pairs. No joke. So that’s 20 shoes! Oh the glamour of it all! The whole make ‘n’ do comes in handy sometimes. You can still catch some of my snaps on snapchat: @moda_fix

styling Xpose | modaFix 20160604_092139

While the models were getting prepped with hair and make-up, my second task was to type up the details of each look: description, label, price and store. It was nice to put myself in the editor’s shoes for the day. I really love to learn and it was a day full of learning.

  Make-up artist for the day was Fiona Coyne. She is fabulous and her studio is centrally located next to Galway’s Latin Quarter. Hair was styled by Stephanie at Bellissimo, another talented girl who contributed to the shoot.

 MUA Fiona Coyne | modaFix

After Deanna (editor of Xposé magazine) gave me a short masterclass in steaming garments, it was time to dress the models and I had to help the girls in and out of their shoes so they wouldn’t crease the dresses. I was jack of all trades yesterday, but happy to be part of the process as Styling Assistant.

The models were Racha and Eliska of Mandy Catwalk. They are such beautiful girls and were a pleasure to work with. They are pros, but I wouldn’t expect anything less from Mandy Maher. I had met Racha before at a couple of events with Athlone Towncentre.Racha | modaFix

We took to the bustling Latin Quarter and The Spanish Arch to shoot the looks with the camera crew from Xposé (TV3) and while Deanna talked through the looks on camera, I was busy styling the final looks.

Galway | modaFIx

My favourite look of the day was this striking mustard dress. It has a cowl back with vertical embellishment down the back. I think the gold neckpiece really sets it off. All the clothing was pulled from the shops in Galway’s Latin Quarter the previous day by Deanna.Willow | modaFix

Another look I loved was the final look on Eliska. I kept it very simple and added these shades to set off that retro vibe.

Xpose | modaFixXpose | modaFix

After all the looks were shot, it was time to return the clothing to the stores.

I hope that gives you some insight into behind the scenes of styling. There really is a lot more to it than meets the eye. Look out for the upcoming issue of Xposé magazine to see our piece on The Latin Quarter and Galway Races. I hope it gives you some outfit inspiration.
Also, keep an eye out for Deanna and the girls on TV3 Xposé to see some of this race wear.

Xpose | modaFix

It was a busy, but enjoyable and fashionful day in the sunshine and I was happy to learn so much.

Here we are at the end of the shoot (fairly shattered!), after a busy day running around the city, but it was a job well done. Deanna O'Connor | modaFix

It’s good to try out new things. This was something I’d always wondered about and when the opportunity presented itself, I knew I had to give it a go. Otherwise, I’d always wonder. I wanted to see if this really is an area I’d like to explore more. But as Rosemary McCabe said recently: ‘the grass is always greener – until you hop off the fence and realise that grass is grass. It just looks greener from far away.’

Style is something I really appreciate and there are still other areas of fashion I have yet to explore. Watch this space! Things don’t happen overnight; You sometimes have to bide your time, but I do think that everything we do, leads to something else. There is nothing like meeting someone in person and I think attending the Xposé office party several months ago was worth the drive that foggy night! Graft and eventually we reap what we sow.

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Clothing, hats, accessories and jewellery used in this shoot are from The Latin Quarter in Galway.

Clothing: Willow, Kilkenny Shop, Muse by Dee, Don’t Call Me DearRegis BoutiqueAnthony Ryans, Les Jumelles, Choice,

Shoes: Prego, House of Portobello (consignment store).

Hats: Caithriona King Designs, Gillian Duggan Designs.

Jewellery: Cobwebs, Tempo Antiques.

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