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Hey everybody!

I wanted to invite you along to an exciting Launch Party at Lola Montez this Friday.

First, let me tell you about this fabulous new venue in Sligo.

Lola Montez | modaFix


Formally known as TOFFS, the Quinn family decided to adapt and rebrand their late night venue to coincide with the type of social scene today’s customer is looking for, namely the intimate bar scene. Lola Montez is Sligo’s newest most intimate bar and nightclub – catering to a clientele of over 21s. Lola Montez’s alluring interior, classic cocktails and sassy selection of drinks provides that ‘something extra’ experience you are looking for at the weekend.

Photo © Colin Gillen/

Images by Colin Gillen.

Lola Montez has created one main bar and two intimate bars within the one venue with the added bonuses of late serving, music and a dance-floor. I think the decor is really fab and I love how they’ve brightened up the bar and lounge areas, moving away from that traditional night club feel. I also really like the sense of space at Lola Montez – there’s room to sit and chat to your friends. Small venues can often get overcrowded and really uncomfortable.

Photo © Colin Gillen/

Photo © Colin Gillen/

It’s all in the details…. 

Photo © Colin Gillen/

Specialising in top quality cocktails Lola Montez has sourced a top mixologist who creates the most magical mixes in the garden bar. Stay tuned to my Facebook, InstagramTwitter and Snapchat (@moda_fix) to see the process.

You’ll have to taste them to believe the hype! 

So… join us!


Friday 10th June Lola Montez Cocktail Menu Launch takes place in the garden bar from 11:30pm. With a complimentary cocktail offer and free entry this is the perfect way to experience this new venue and all it has to offer. Ask for a mocktail if you fancy something alcohol-free. At Lola’s that touch of elegance and that ‘something extra’ feeling is ever-prevalent.

I always think Friday is the best night to go out to mark the end of your week at work with that Friday feeling pep in your step – plus you have two whole days to enjoy (or recover!?) after your night out.

Photo © Colin Gillen/


Introducing Lola… Lola? Who the hell is Lola?

Elizabeth Rosanna Gilbert, (1821 -1861) better known by her stage name Lola Montez, was an Irish dancer and actress who became famous as a “Spanish dancer” in the 1800s. Born on February 17th 1821 in Grange Co. Sligo, Lola Montez became a worldwide sensation – the love desire of many and today an intimate bar and nightclub, encapsulating her character in all its brilliance – entertaining everyone once more!

Photo © Colin Gillen/

Lola was a performer. She was a strong, self-determined woman who caused excitement and controversy wherever she went. She was a very intelligent woman – this, along with her captivating beauty, was what made her a strikingly attractive figure. She was in many ways ahead of her time and constantly challenging the obligation to live as a demure woman in a man’s world. 

Lola was a travelled woman debuting her dancing and living all over the world: London, Paris, Munich, Australia, San Francisco, Ireland and New York. For the 1800s this too was unheard of and uncommon, leaving Lola Montez unexplainable to so many. Realising the importance of independence and liberation, Lola went where no woman had gone before, with a fear of nothing and no-one.

She was full of fun and sought a good time, following wherever it brought her. Upon her death bed at the young age of 39, the lady Lola showed no regret for her wayward ways and tainted reputation, reportedly saying “I have known all the world has to give…ALL!”

Lola is now referred to as the first woman’s liberationist in history. She defied standards and morals of the 1800s and lived a free independent life.

She sounds like quite the woman! Are you a bit of a Lola?

Lola Montez encapsulates the individualism and mischievous sense of adventure of the original lady.

Take a wee look inside:

I’m happy to be helping out with the launch at Lola’s and the whole Hispanic vibe obviously appeals to me, given my profession.

We really hope to see you there! (Friday @ 11:30pm).

The plan is tapas first, followed by a couple of classic cocktails at the intimate setting Chez Lola.

Hasta pronto!

un beso,

T xo

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