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As part of the Lily Lolly Craft Festival, St. Angela’s graduates invite you to their final year exhibition at The Factory Performance Space in Sligo 13th-17th June. Join us for the launch on Tuesday 14th June at 6:30pm for a chance to meet the designers. There will be guest speakers on the night.


Sligo Now | modaFix


Collection: My collection Forever Young is aimed at the 12-14 year old market. As a parent of twin girls aged 12 years I am finding it increasingly difficult to purchase clothing that is both age appropriate and trendy. Clothes are manufactured with the idea that they are “disposable” after a short life span. With limited options, young girls all dress like clones and have little opportunity to display individualism.

Angela Lavin | modaFix

Inspiration: I take my inspiration from the natural world. For my graduate collection I based my design on the coral – the vibrant colours and surface design. Using natural fabrics, fabric manipulation and embellishments, I designed a range of clothing that is high quality, durable, colourful, fresh, individualistic and above all fun to wear for the young teenage population. I used natural fabrics and bright colours, which energises this collection.


Going forward: I aim to investigate the viability of a new business venture to address this gap in the market I have identified. I am very interested in the ‘Slow Fashion’ movement and wish to create a product, which is well made, durable, eco-friendly and competitive as a style item.


Collection: My Graduate Collection is called Transparent Bubbles. To create my collection I have chosen fabrics to replicate the idea and concept of a bubble including iridescent fabrics, printed leather, cotton and knitwear. Embellishments are features of my collection – used to create the concept of a bubble.

Roseanne McNamee | modaFix

Inspiration: I focused around the concept of how a bubble is formed and what shapes it creates. I find the colours of a bubble fascinating and wanted to investigate more. I’m from Galway and come from a family of nine. I have always had an interest in fashion and both my Nana and Granny would have made clothes for us when we were young; I got the inspiration from them to pursue a career in Fashion.

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Going forward: My next project is to design an outfit for Ladies Day at The Galway Races. After graduation, I would like to gain experience working with a designer in Ireland and abroad such as India, Paris and London. It is my ambition to start up my own business as a designer under my own label.


Collection: I designed and created an occasion wear collection The Beauty of Colour – my concept being to enjoy the occasion when you can, as life is so short.

Emma Curtis | modaFix

Inspiration: My Graduate Collection is inspired by dragonflies: the beauty and colours of these fascinating creatures, each unique in their own way. Looking at the lifespan of a dragonfly, I discovered that they don’t live very long. Considering our own lives and the one of a dragonfly I developed a fun, happy colourful collection. Let life take you and enjoy the occasion.


Going forward: My dream is to have my own label and be one of Ireland’s leading designers. For now, I am going to gain some experience through internships to further my knowledge in how an actual fashion company is successfully run.

See more of Emma’s designs in my interview with Emma. Read here.Sligo Now | modaFix


Collection: My Graduate Collection is called A Textured World of Emotions. I created digitally printed fabrics from original art pieces and manipulated fabric to add interest. This collection was designed with the words comfort, protection, security and memories in mind.

Jade Reidy | modaFix

Inspiration: I am from Sligo and have always been inspired by my local surroundings. This collection is inspired by textures in the woodland that is located near where I grew up, Hazelwood. My colour and texture inspiration have also been drawn from this. I developed a story through my design development of a girl moving away from her home town to an urban civilisation – still longing for home and the comforts that came with it. I wanted the garments to be a reminder to this person of the feelings she once felt in her special place. My fabric choices and silhouettes also came from this idea.


Going forward: Who knows what’s yet to come, but I am excited to find out. The fashion industry is competitive and ever-changing. I have no doubt it will keep me on my toes.


Collection: For my Graduate Collection I created a gender neutral collection entitled History Ungendered. I believe everyone should have the freedom to wear what they like, in a way that is individual to them. I attempted to challenge gender barriers with my collection. All the fabric I used is upcycled, resulting in a collection that is environmentally sustainable. Each piece of fabric has its own story: I used old curtains, 30 year old silk my Mum got while travelling in Hong Kong, 60 year old fabric left over from my grandmother’s clothing factory and tweed cut-offs, sourced from the Foxford Wollen Mills (I come from Westport, Co. Mayo).

Saoirse O Reilly | modaFix

Inspiration: The concept behind my collection is Bringing the Old into the New. I took inspiration from the clothing of Ireland’s past, when there were definite gender codes that people were expected to follow. I created a fresh and contemporary collection, representative of today’s society, which also manages to stay true to the traditional culture of clothing in Ireland. I strongly believe in the approach people had to clothing in the past, when clothing wasn’t thought of as disposable, so I tried to challenge the ‘fast fashion’ trend seen today by attempting to create a timeless collection.

Come see these fantastic designers’ work and meet them in person. I’m looking forward to the event!

Where? The Factory Performance Space, Sligo.

When? Tuesday, 14th June @6:30pm

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