My handcrafted treasures from Sligo’s shores

modafix shells

Hey everyone!

You may have noticed that I’ve been very quiet across my social media channels lately as I’ve been busy working on a little summer project behind the scenes, as well as painting our kitchen. It’s getting a major facelift: out with the pine…. in with the duck egg. I do love a bit of DIY! I’ll show you before and after images as soon as we’ve finished. If I can do it, you can!


It’s no secret that I’ve always wanted my own accessory line. I’ve enjoyed making jewellery since I was a child and all through my teens. At 19, I had my own jewellery stall at London’s Spitalfield Sunday Upmarket. On my blog and magazine columns I’m always promoting local, emerging talent and Irish Design as I genuinely admire their skill, craft, passion and product.

I’ve always wanted to create my own.modafix shellsmodafix shells

Earlier this month I put together a pair of earrings in a last minute frenzy before hitting The Sligo Races. At the racecourse alone 4 people I met commented on them and asked me to make them a pair. This continued over the following days and so, I decided to make more.

Shells Café in Strandhill will be stocking my handcrafted pieces from tomorrow! This is a dream.

modafix jewellery

Handmade treasures from Sligo’s shores

My earrings, as you can see, are made from shells. I’ve been collecting the perfect pairs on all my beach walks across Sligo’s seashores. There’s been a lot of trial and error and if you know me, you’ll know that I put a lot of time into what I’m passionate about. I have my friend Michelle to thank for my pursuing this range! You’ll be happy to know that all the jewellery making materials are sourced locally from independent stores.


Sustainable packaging

 The natural kraft gift boxes and paper are made from recycled materials and sustainable forests. The Polaroids are of Strandhill on the sunny summer days. No two are the same.

modafix sligo


I thought these would make for a nice and unique souvenir of Sligo for visitors to our beautiful county. ‘Souvenir’ as I’m sure you know is from the French verb ‘to remember’. The Polaroid is to remember Sligo’s scenery and coastline… a photo for your wallet or to frame. You may notice from my Instagram feed that I love to take photos of our stunning beaches and landscapes. I also thought of people from Sligo, but living abroad. I think these would make for a nice gift or keepsake for them. It’s a little piece of home: the shells are handpicked, treated and handcrafted here in Sligo. Afterall, ‘Sligeach’ (the Irish for Sligo) means ‘abounding in shells’.modafix shells

As you can imagine, I’m nervous about this. Putting my name to something in the hope that people will like it and buy it is really putting myself out there! It’s a simple idea, sure, but I’ve often found the simplest of things to be most effective.

Each product is made with a lot of love and thought: love for craft and love of place. Whatever the day throws at me I always find solace in a beach walk – be it alone, with family, my partner or with a friend. There is something so calming about the coastline and I hope these bring you love and solace too. I think this product reflects my love of Sligo and our lifestyle here. Many of these shells have been collected thanks to my family too.

modafix jewellery

From tomorrow afternoon, a very limited number of my pieces will be available at Shells Café in Strandhill, Sligo… just to test the waters! They’re reasonably priced, with you in mind. I really hope you like my designs and get behind me on this one. I’d love your feedback.

Thanks for reading.

Loads of love,

Tríona xo

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