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Martina Hamilton | modaFix

Hey everyone… it’s nearly the weekend. Yay! I hope your week has been an enjoyable one.

I’ve just been in to see Martina Hamilton’s Shore Collection. Wow! I’d seen it in pictures and thought to myself “That’s lovely, but I still love her Shell and Oyster Pearl Collections more.” However, these pieces are even nicer up close. The earrings and pendants are much daintier than the pictures depict. I can’t decide if I’d rather a piece of silver shore or golden shore, with a pearl or without! The pendants are like miniature fans. I just love them! I usually wear a lot of gold pendants layered, but the silver collection is much more affordable and reasonably priced in my opinion.

The Cat And The Moon is a household name here in Sligo, not known simply thanks to Yeats’ poetry, but for the quality of craftsmanship, jewellery and Irish Design stocked on Castle Street. For every celebration we have, my friends and I pitch in together to buy beautiful pieces that will last. No matter how minute you are, you’ll always find something that suits. Guaranteed!

The Cat And The Moon | modaFix

Our friend Martha took on a new venture (Sweeney’s Opticians) very recently and we wanted to buy her something to mark this new chapter and undertaking. As she is a woman in business, taking over an independent store in Sligo, we wanted to buy from another woman in business and another independent Sligo store. We bought her this truly beautiful pendant in the smallest size for daily wear. The mix of metals looks fantastic (silver and rose gold).

Martina Hamilton | modaFix Martina Hamilton | modaFix

I loved it so much I couldn’t resist buying myself mini broken shell earrings from the same collection. I think it’s always a good sign that you’ve chosen a nice gift when you want it yourself! MH | modaFix

When our friend Orla left for Doha we popped in for a browse and found a perfectly apt pendant with the inscription Do shaol, do thuras’ (‘your life, your journey’) by Irish designer Enibas – just to quash any uncertainty.

Sensing my interest tonight, Martina kindly invited me into her workshop! It’s like she read my mind. I’ve always wanted to see inside… this magical, mysterious little hub of creativity.

Martina Hamilton | modaFix

During the Lily Lolly Craftfest this summer Martina organised an evening with Eddie Shanahan, which I attended. It was an interesting and insightful discussion about the world of Irish Design with a handful of local designers. A common thread was their being inspired by their beautiful Sligo surroundings.

How could you not feel inspired?

Here’s a beautiful photo of Martina showcasing her stunning new Shore Collection, inspired by the random and rugged beauty of the Sligo coast, a shoreline sculpted by the Atlantic ocean over millions of years. You’ll notice that elements of one collection marry with the next collection.

Martina Hamilton | modaFix

Here’s wishing Martina continued success. She really has established something incredible here in Sligo and has a career and talent that I can only admire.

Thanks for reading.


A happy T xo

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