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Style is something individual.

 I always maintain that it’s each to their own as everyone’s sense of style is so unique. Why would you conform, be so obvious, play it safe… and want to look the same as everyone else?


Mixing fabrics, textures and styles is something that is true to my personal style. I like to break the rules, test the boundaries and do my own thing. I’m very open-minded when it comes to fashion and styling. I love seeing people comfortable with their individuality.

I absolutely loved my outfits at London Fashion Week and felt comfortable and very good about myself – all thanks to local store The Style Emporium in Sligo.



Images by Amie Brennan of Floralesque.

When the ladies at The Style Emporium got wind that I was hitting LFW, they contacted me and invited me into the store to pick some outfits. I thought to myself ‘Jeez, I haven’t been in there in years.’ I hadn’t been in The Style Emporium since I was a child – with my mum. I thought it was more my mum’s age-group – for the older fashionistas, but I was wrong. As I’ve said, I am open-minded when it comes to style, so I knew I’d find something and make it work for me. I just didn’t realise that I’d see some many things I like. They’ve certainly a new customer in me.


I didn’t want to just wear a complete, safe look – for the sake of wearing it and promoting a brand. I find with blogging sometimes that when you’re gifted something, you feel obliged to wear it and lose yourself in the process. I took home a few pieces to style with what I already had.

Perhaps some of you may have preferred if I’d worn it with a big skater style skirt in the same fabric, but that’s not my style and it wasn’t a wedding I was attending… it was London Fashion Week after all where anything goes.

I wore Irish Design. For the afternoon shows I chose a cream crop top and cape combo – both by Caroline Kilkenny. It may be a little wedding guest / mother-of-the-bride-esque, but I quirked it up with a mustard leather look skirt from Zara (Athlone Towncentre). Buy here.

I wore my reliable, comfortable Franco Sarto heels from TK Maxx, Mulberry bag & sunglasses from local store Sweeney’s Opticians.


We didn’t have time to go back to our hotel between shows, so luckily I’d brought a change of clothing for the evening. I wore another faux leather bottle green leather mini and this teal and sequinned cape by Caroline Kilkenny. I adore this piece. It just transforms a basic outfit.

I tried to show that these pieces are versatile – not just for weddings or very formal events. You can incorporate Irish Design into your wardrobe and make it your own.

LFW | modaFix

The large statement shell earrings are my own handmade designs, which I think really complemented the look. They’re available at Shells Café in Sligo – while stock lasts, or you can order directly from me on Facebook or email modafixblog@gmail.com. I’ll make you your own bespoke pair in whatever size you want. Read about the collection here.

I genuinely felt great and happy in these pieces of Irish Design by Caroline Kilkenny, proving that you really don’t have to travel far to find quality and style. It’s on your doorstep: I’d highly recommend you visit The Style Emporium. Surprise yourself!

Read about our trip, the shows we attended and the designers we discovered here.

Thanks for reading.

T xo

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