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Yeats Experience | modaFIx

I’ve been meaning to write about The Yeats Experience for months. I’m playing catchup with myself on the blog front so I’m just going to try keep this short and sweet. I think it’s 100% worth sharing as I know this is something that will interest you. 

We’re always looking for novel ways to celebrate occasions, we all love the opportunity to get a group of good friends together for some great food, wine and a catch-up. The Yeats Experience was something I’d heard about and wanted to do for ages… but kept putting on the long finger, until my birthday landed and I’d made no plans whatsoever.

Yeats Experience | modaFix

I really wanted to mark the occasion, low key, with The Yeats Experience and fortunately Damien Brennan fitted us in on the Sunday evening. It was just Jules and I. We actually joined a group of American tourists. Upon arrival at the Brennan’s family home you notice a sign on the door saying ‘Enter as Strangers… Leave as Friends’ and we certainly did just that.

Their house is beautifully unique, open plan, with artwork and books everywhere you look. There’s just so much to take in, so many things of interest.

Yeats | modaFix

Brennan | modaFIx

We were the first to arrive and enjoyed some red (BYOB) by the fire, while taking in our surroundings.

Yeats | modaFIx

Yeats | modaFix

When the rest of the party arrived, we sat in the living area and host Damien told us all about the history of Ireland and the history of Sligo. It was so interesting to hear information we were unaware of, with cúpla focail thrown in here and there. It set the scene perfectly as we took our seats at the table overlooking Lough Gill.

Yeats Experience | modaFIx

Yeats | modaFIx

At every course we were told a story, which was backed up with a Yeats’ poem, recited by Damien. The stories put everything into context for us. I wish I’d known all this extra information when studying Yeats in school. If you or your daughter/son/sister or brother are studying Yeats as part of their Leaving Cert, this evening may be worth looking into!

Yeats Sligo | modaFIx

Yeats | modaFix

The poem ‘The Stolen Child’ reads

‘Where dips the rocky highland

Of Sleuth Wood in the lake,’

Sleuth Wood is Slishwood as we know it and it’s just a stones throw away from where we’re seated! The Brennan home really is the perfect setting for The Yeats Experience.


Yeats Sligo | modaFix

We had 5 delicious courses prepared by leading chef Dr. Paula Gilvarry. I was too busy enjoying the food that I forgot to take a picture of each course, but that chocolate and strawberry cup was incredible! The entire meal was exquisite as my neighbour Joan would say – the whole evening was.



We can’t wait to go again. We’ve been raving about it to everyone since June!

I don’t think we need a celebration. Any excuse. We’ll be back!

Yeats Experience | modaFIx

We were in great company and we did leave as friends.

I’m clearly ecstatic!

Yeats Experience | modafix

I can’t recommend this enough.

Thanks for reading and have a blast with the Brennans!

More details here.


T xo

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