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If you enjoy a glass of wine and you feel like trying something new, you have to try wine tasting at The Wine Buff in Sligo. You may have seen a short clip I shared on Facebook; I’d been meaning to review this for ages.

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I thought The Wine Buff was just your average wine shop, but it offers much more to the customer. Your party of 10 get to enjoy a private party after hours at this premises in the heart of Sligo town. It’s perfectly located in The Italian Quarter with cheese boards served from Casa Mia and piping hot pizzas of your choice personally delivered from the staff at Bistro Bianconi. 

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Joe Drury is the man behind this fantastic set-up.

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I first discovered Joe’s wine nights when my former work colleague Nicole organised a little soirée for us last December… a winter warmer before our Christmas Party. We had a blast.

I had done wine tasting before at the vineyards at Mendoza, Argentina – about 8 years previous… but nothing this sophisticated. You each get 6 glasses of wine to taste – some red, some white. Don’t worry, you won’t be on the floor: they’re not 6 full glasses! You get a little booklet detailing each wine: name, origin, description and recommended dishes to serve the wine with.


We organised the party for our friend Orla, who was moving abroad. It’s an ideal way to celebrate a special occasion with close friends in a very intimate setting.


You’re greeted with a glass of prosecco on arrival (sold already?) and some port to finish the evening. Any bottles opened, you get to finish. Like a particular wine or fancy more pizza? You can always buy an extra bottle or another pizza and enjoy there and then. Here we are a couple of merry hours later…


Joe assured us that there would be no hangover as the wine is all such great quality, with no sulphates. However, it’s the couple of drinks you may decide to go for afterwards that may throw you over the edge. Note: those quarter bottles of wine that you get in pubs are lethal!

You can ask as many questions as you like; Joe has the answer!

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I enjoyed the wine tasting so much the first time that I’ve organised it twice since and we’re going very soon again. It’s a really enjoyable experience and I can’t recommend it enough! It would be perfect for a small Christmas party or a catch up with a group of friends.

For more information, click here or call 0719140020 or email

So there’s another novel thing to try with friends this Autumn in Sligo.

Thanks for reading,

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