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I hope you’re having a good week.

Last week was chockablock with creative workshops and talks thanks to Sligo Design Week. It was a total success and it’s only in its second year. Catch up if you missed it here.

screen printing | modafix

Screen Printing is something I’ve always wanted to try. I’d considered courses and workshops at Damn Fine Print in the past but the dates never really suited and travelling to Dublin on a regular basis meant that it wasn’t financially viable. Finally, a class came up here on our doorstep and I got to experience the whole process from drawing and designing, exposing, printing, drying and curing.

screen printing sligo | modafixscreen printing | modafix

The Art of Screen Printing workshop was facilitated by Edel and Dany of brand new studio Pulled at The Model in Sligo. The first step was drawing. We played around with ideas and sketches and once we had our designs finalised we drew onto acetates with black marker. The mesh screens had already been coated in a photosensitive emulsion and dried, so our next step was to place our artwork on the screen, cover with a pane of glass and expose to UV light. We used a 1,000 watt bulb and exposed our work for 3-4 minutes.

pulled sligo | modafix

screen printing | modafix

After exposing, the next step was washing out the screens. Next we taped and squeegeed our screen with a single colour. We printed on T-shirts and tote bags and then dried and cured our creations in the final step. Coffee and cake at The Gallery Café was included.

screen print modafix

pulled sligo | modafix

I’d definitely recommend a workshop at Pulled for an afternoon with a difference. My first attempt at screen printing certainly wasn’t perfect, but I’ve a much better understanding of the process now. Screen printing was something I’d wondered about for years as I always loved the idea of transferring my own designs onto totes and fabric. Stay tuned for upcoming courses at Pulled! I look forward to attending and learning more.

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