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You may have read about Martina Hamilton’s brand new collection ‘Island Link’ in my recent edit on Sligo Design Week during which the well-known jeweller and founder of The Cat And The Moon and Hamilton Gallery told us about discovering ancestral connections to Dernish Island.

Martina Hamilton | modaFix

We were very lucky to catch the first glimpse of Martina’s film ‘Dernish Island Links.’ Dernish Island was an old fishing port between Sligo and Mullaghmore where Martina recently discovered some family links. Her great great grandmother lived there and she found the house quite easily as ‘Gillen’ was engraved in the stone walls.

I recommend taking a moment to watch it. It’s a stunning capture (by Peter Martin) and a fantastic launchpad for her brand new collection Island Link. In this short film she explores how the discovery has impacted her as a designer and will influence her work into the future.


Shop Martina’s new collection here.
She talked about growing up on a farm in North Sligo, attending Ursuline College and doing her degree in Fine Art and Design in Sligo IT. She shared the moment when she realised she wanted to be a designer. It was when she was approximately 12 years old that she realised she had that creative spark. Her family was moving from one farm to another at Lissadell. She remembers the hoar frost and the dead plants, but how beautiful it was in all its rawness.

Martina’s background is in ceramics, but eventually she found her craft of jewellery making. She finds inspiration in everything: from beach-combing to Asian aesthetic. She describes her fan-like pieces being inspired by a Japanese Noh play that she saw recently. The fans just spoke to her.

Martina Hamilton | modaFix

Designing and creating is about finding something personal to you that resonates with others. It’s what you bring to the story that is interesting. I really liked what Martina had to say and could relate to a lot of what she said. I’m forever beach combing and picking up bits and bobs on long walks with the intention of doing something with my finds. I’m a big fan of Martina’s work and for every special occasion my group of friends and I always buy pieces from her collections.

Read my review and step inside her studio here.

Martina Hamilton | modaFIx

How gorgeous are her new Island Link bangles and bracelets?

Martina will be showcasing her beautiful jewellery at the National Crafts and Design Fair at the RDS (Stand 220) from Wednesday 30th November to Sunday 4th December.

Catch up on what the other designers and creative entrepreneurs had to say during the Creative Entrepreneurship talk during Sligo Design Week 2016. They share all their advice and steps to success for growing a design-led business in the West here.

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