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It’s the weekend!

Hope you’re having a great one – resting and spending time with friends and family.

Last night (Friday) my mum and I took a last minute trip to the Twin Tree Hotel in Ballina to attend Keane On Style. It’s a roadshow hosted by Lorraine Keane, Ireland’s original fashion and beauty guru. We’re lucky to have our pick of these events nowadays, but I’m very fond of Lorraine and wanted to hear what she had to say. She is such a learned and beautiful person.

Women’s Health: Multitasking & Hormone Imbalance

It’s not all beauty and style with Lorraine. There’s substance too. I’ve attended so many events, but this one was that bit different in that a doctor spoke to us in detail about our health – about things that really matter: hypertension, diabetes, fertility, osteoporosis, thyroid disease, menopause, our hormones. Dr. Mary Ryan is her name. She has incredible compassion for women.

Lorraine Keane

She said that if she could go back in time she’d say to Eve, ‘put back that apple, put back that multi-tasking gene.’ I could empathise with almost everything Mary had to say. She specialises in endocrinology (glands and hormones) and said she has had so many female patients that are suffering from chronic fatigue due to very simply doing too much. We need to get rid of that guilt, usually present in women with great work ethic. Mothers disempower their children by doing everything for them. I think we all know women guilty of this. Perhaps you are a woman guilty of this! Perhaps you are the disempowered child. Mary said that the best gift you can give your children is self-esteem and self-respect. If a mother has low self-esteem, there’s no way her daughter will have high self-esteem.

 Don’t go for that run or exert yourself too much if your energy levels are 2 out of 10. Pace. Rest. Recharge.

She mentioned IVF. If you’re struggling to get pregnant know that your pituitary gland won’t function when you’re overtired. Multitasking means our hormones won’t work. She talked about hormone imbalance and discussed menopause and perimenopause and removing the stigma around talking about the topic. You can become irritable, low and very anxious. She said one of her patients got so anxious she wouldn’t even let her husband leave the house! She had us all laughing out loud with her anecdotes.  She informed us that depression is overdiagnosed in women. You’re not losing it; you’re not depressed; it’s a hormone imbalance!

Ultherapy | modaFix


Lorraine was very honest sharing that she has had ‘some work done.’ Ultherapy is a revolutionary, next-generation treatment. It’s the only FDA-cleared, non-invasive procedure that lifts, tightens the chin, neck and brow as well as improving lines and wrinkles on the décolletage. It’s subtle, there is no down-time with this procedure and results peak within 3months. It lasts 18-24months. It’s pricey (€800-€1,500 depending on the zone being treated) and painful, but the results are good – judging by Lorraine’s face anyway! Describing the pain, Lorraine said it’s kind of tingly and quick, with heat. It’s a little like the sensation of threading or laser. Full face would cost between €3,500 and €4,500. Spokesperson on the night was Dee McMahon. Find out more about Ultherapy here.


The second half kick started with a fashion show – Lorraine talked us through each look. The style was modelled by Celia Holman Lee modelling agency and shops included: Magee, Gúna Nua, Willow, Chiq Maternity, Jacques Vert, Flaunt and Ourania (Bridal by Thomas Heverin). Shoes were from Greenes Shoes, makeup was by Hayley Coleman and hair by Martha Galvin of Allure Hair & Beauty. The style at Willow stood out to me. You may have caught some of my favourites on snapchat (moda_fix) and Instagram. I’ve been a fan since I discovered this shop last year at the Galway Fashion Trail.

Lorraine Keane | modaFix

Both Lorraine’s dresses on the night were from Willow. She looked absolutely amazing. Incredible.

Hair Demo

What I loved about the demo was the hairdresser (Martha Galvin) did her own hair… with no mirror! I thought this was clever, because I mean, the majority of the time we do our own hair in the morning. I thought Martha was excellent.

She showed us 3 very simple and quick styles:

1. How to curl hair using a ghd,

2. A simple ponytail with a quiff (my go-to look)

3. An Audrey Hepburn inspired up ‘do.

She shared loads of little tips along the way. I tried the pony and backcombing myself this morning!



Another fab girl took to the stage: MUA Niamh from BellaBeauty in Ballina. She did a 15-minute demo on a natural, everyday make-up look. She used Image Flawless Foundation, which I’m definitely eager to try as I like Image Skincare a lot. Read my review here. Niamh said to start from the middle, where you need most coverage and work outwards. She used Blank Canvas brushes, Cailyn Bright On Eye Balm and the Face Form Palette from Sleek. I bought both these products last night from exhibitors Molloy’s Pharmacy, who were offering 20% off.

My mum and I had a lovely night. It was insightful, educational and fashionful and we picked up a few tips and tricks.

A special thanks to Caroline of Carried Away PR and Lorraine Keane for the lovely invite.

I really hope you found this blog helpful and informative.

As always, thanks so much for reading,

T xo

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