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I hope you’re having a lovely weekend.

The past couple of months I’ve started going to a new nail technician and she’s really excellent so I just wanted to share a recommendation. I’ve had so many people compliment her work and I always refer them to her. Her name is Andrea and she’s new to the team at Kreation Hairdressing – a salon in Sligo that I love visiting.

nails | modaFix

She is a total perfectionist so allow yourself 1.5 – 2 hours. She’ll ask you to inspect at each stage before she moves on, just to make sure that you’re 100% happy with the length and shape and if you’d like to change anything. I’m always really pleased with the result and Andrea’s gel nails last me ages now. She also happens to be a really warm and likeable person so you’ll enjoy being in her company.

Nails | modaFix

nails | modaFix

Personally, I don’t like them too long or pointy. I like to keep them neat, in a neutral shade with this ‘mermaid’ dust that gives a soft iridescent finish. Andrea loves to get creative – that’s her favourite part… so bring along any designs or inspirations so she can bring out her artistic side. I’ve been fairly boring lately, but I used to experiment a lot in the past when it came to nail art. See some ideas here.

nails | modaFix

You can check out some of her work on Facebook and to book an appointment with her text 0851189903 or call 071911414. You won’t be disappointed.

T xo

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  1. Do you find your nails are damaged after gels? Does Andrea use drills or manual files? I’ve had gels done in a fw places in Sligo and they were really damaged by drills and filing. The results were pretty buy it’s taken months for my nails to recover! However I love the convenience of gels so would love to gave them done by someone who will not damage nails!

    1. Hi Laura, thanks for your message. I have tiny nails naturally and they’re not very healthy looking so I much prefer having the gel nails… I still keep them very short. Andrea uses both a manual file and drills, but I don’t find them too invasive. My natural nails have started to grow a little bit, which is new for me. You should pop in to talk to her and see what she says. T 🙂

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